Things to add and remove and change and repair on the new van

Rear of the Orbiter

Rear of the Orbiter with bike rack and ladder

We haven’t even picked up the new van yet, but already I’m already making lists.

As per our agreement with the dealer, he’ll organise a new TÜV and gas certificate, re-mount a 4-bike rack and the standard aluminium ladder on the rear of the van.

He’s also going to replace a broken cupboard handle and the fixing clip to pin the garage door to the side of the van when open.

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Camperissimo II – Our new van

Yesterday was a very big day for our family. Three years after parting ways with our HYMER Car 3 van, we finally signed the contracts on Camperissimo II.

We spent the whole of 2014 saving for the new can and then actually started actively looking around the middle of January 2015.

We had promised ourselves that we wouldn’t go about things the same way we did with Camperissimo (i.e. buy the first van we looked at), and so we forced ourselves to view several campers that we were fairly sure we wouldn’t want to buy.

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Project 2015: Buying a new camper van and learning to travel with two kids and a dog

Travelling Through Romania

Travelling Through Romania back in 2011

Looking back over the last few posts we made on this blog makes me realise how often in life very definite plans end up not happening at all.

Priorities change, unexpected circumstances distract us, and without realising it, a year has passed and the path we have followed has lead us somewhere very different than expected.

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An update on 2012 and a plan for this year and next – 13/5/13

It’s been more than a year since our last post on Camperissimo, and that final post wasn’t even really a final post – the whole thing just sort of stopped in mid-trip. Looking at the website a year later, that leaves a bit of an ominous impression, so I wanted to write a few words to allay any fears that something terrible happened.

All is well.

Firstly, why did the blog end so suddenly in 2012?

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Carcassonne & the Nailloux Fashion Village – 14/4/12

To make a change from all of these world famous, UNESCO-protected tourist must-sees that we’ve been ticking off the list at the front of our Lonely Planet, we decided to take a day off and go shopping.

Little Marcel, a very strange concept for a shop

Little Marcel, a very strange concept for a shop

This year we’ve generally avoided big cities, and the places we have passed through haven’t been big enough to stroll round with credit card at ready, so Iva got to work on finding a practical middle ground: lead us to the outlet centre! While I drove in an easterly direction from Pau, with Carcassonne in mind as our next “proper” destination, Iva ferociously googled a new plan together.

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