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Jay and Iva

Jay and Iva

We both live and work in Munich, in the south of Germany.

Iva is from Croatia, and currently works as a language teacher here, running her own Croatian language school, Školica.

Jay is from England, but has lived in Germany for 13 years and runs his own web design agency.

Both of us love travelling, and fortunately we also quite like each other.

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  1. Jo says:

    Hi Jay and Iva, You pioneered the route and we came after you… Am writing a short article and came across your blog. Have a look at http://www.explorersclubfh.wordpress.com there may be some reminders there. We may have come across a dodgy Hassan in Murici on Skadar. He was a bit shifty, and kept on popping up in the night unannounced. Not your Hassan though.
    Thanks for the info. Liked reading your blog.


    • jay says:

      Thanks for the feedback, great to hear from you! 🙂

      We did meet another Hassan down in Murići, an older guy who ran the holiday apartments at the end of the beach. He seemed like a pretty nice guy, but we only spoke to him briefly. Beautiful place though, huh? Glad we ended up there … largely by chance.

  2. Pette Holt says:

    Just to say thank you for sharing your adventures, I really enjoyed reading your blog, the adventure encapsulated not on the romance of a road trip but one where inner resilience obviously came into play. Such human encounters are wonderful to learn from.

    I have just returned from NZ where I spent the winter in a hired camper van. It was a testing time but inspired me sufficiently to get another camper over here in blighty.

    Be well


    • jay says:

      Hey there Pette, thanks for your feedback. We’re always really, really glad to hear that people enjoyed reading the blog – we’re currently mulling over where to go in April 2012 for our next big adventure … 🙂 Good luck with your new camper van!

  3. Gustavo Bruckl says:

    Hi! I live in Patagonia Argentina, i am thinking to buy a Fiat Ducato.
    What type of motor have your Ducato?.
    In Argentine it has an 1.9 diesel motor.

    Thanks for share your experience.


  4. Andreas says:

    Hallo zusammen,
    nachträglich schöne Weihnachtsfeiertage gehabt zu haben:-)

    Auf der Suche nach technischen & kaufmännischen Daten für einen Versicherungswechsel, bin ich auch auf Eurer Seite gelandet. Wir Ihr führen wir auch einen alten HymerCar 3 spazieren:-)

    Und da Eure so interessant gemacht ist, bin ich auch gleich hängen geblieben. Sehr gerne hätte ich von Euch gewußt, wie Eure Reise durch Bulgarien war: Sind dort Wohnmobile gut gelitten? Ich habe nur sehr wenige Campingplätze gesehen; ist Wildcamping gedulded? Gasversorgung sollte kein Problem sein, oder? Hätten wir Besonderheit zu beachten?
    Ich würde sogerne meine bessere Hälfte zu einem Ausflug in Bulgarien überreden – leider ist Ihr dieses Land unheimlich (“man kennt so wenig davon”, “die dortige Armut verführt bestimmt zu Einbrüchen in unser WoMo”… so in der Art 🙁 ).

    Auf Euer Lebenszeichen und ein paar aufmunternde Tips freut sich

    Andreas aus Münster

    PS1 Euch einen guten Start ins neue Jahr, bleibt gesund und noch viele tolle Reisen mit dem Oldtimer:-)

    PS2 Ich bin nicht bei facebook, will mich dort auch nicht registrieren… sorry.

    • jay says:

      Hi there Andreas, thanks for your message!

      We sold our camper in 2012, but are planning to buy a new van by the end of 2014. This time something a little newer with room for Molly and any more kids that may happen to turn up in the near future … 🙂 We do miss travelling a lot and are really excited about getting back on the road as soon as possible!

      People in Bulgaria were friendly and we didn’t encounter any problems whatsoever. We only camped wild and had no negative experiences, in fact, in Sofia a house owner came out to introduce himself to us and later return with a box of Lebkuchen as a gift to welcome us to his neighbourhood! 🙂 (he did own a chocolate factory, it turns out, so not such an odd gift as it sounds :-).

      Relative to some other countries we have travelled through Bulgaria didn’t feel especially poor and we never felt threatened or in danger in any way. But to be honest even in Romania we were never seriously worried about break-ins. For us that was one advantage of having an older camper, it doesn’t look like there’ll be anything of value hidden inside!

      All in all Bulgaria was a great experience, the only negative point for us was the temperature (40°c) on the coast in August, which made sleeping a bit of a challenge.

      All the best and happy travels from us both,
      Currently celebrating new year’s eve in Trieste – Jay

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