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Accepting How Little You Know

I’ve started wondering if our garage is, in fact, sort of dodgy, but the thing is, I would never know. At any rate I do sort of feel like I’m walking into the jaws of death when I suggest possible … Continue reading

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Flat Tyre in the Middle of Nowhere

Major excitement was to be had when one of our tyres blew out dramatically at high speed, relatively speaking, on the main road from Krakow to Košice in Slovakia. This was 5 days into our 2010 trip and I see … Continue reading

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Košice, Slovakia – 8/7/2010

Jay woke up in Krakow around 7 a.m. He took the chairs out of the van and sat in the sun, hanging out our towels on the other chair to dry off. I got up around 9 a.m., by which … Continue reading

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