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Keeping Camperissimo Alive – 11/4/12

Much like the crew of a rusty tugboat, once we’re on the road, each of us adopts certain everyday responsibilities. Iva takes on the tidying, cleaning and most of the route planning. She is also designated expert in irrational outbursts … Continue reading

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Camper Crisis Update (Good News)

Massive sigh of relief: it looks like we’ll be hitting the road tomorrow morning, just five days behind our plan. My conversations with the garage yesterday were positive and they seem to be taking the whole thing very seriously, with … Continue reading

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Road Trip 2011: Cancelled Until Further Notice

What a strange day today has been. According to our plan we should be somewhere in Slovenia about now, just short of the Croatian border. Instead, we’re sitting on our sofa at home, confused and not just a little disappointed. … Continue reading

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Accepting How Little You Know

I’ve started wondering if our garage is, in fact, sort of dodgy, but the thing is, I would never know. At any rate I do sort of feel like I’m walking into the jaws of death when I suggest possible … Continue reading

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Glowplugs Minus the “Glow”

From the day Camperissimo the engine has started first time without any trouble at all. Given that it’s a diesel from the olden days, we knew the situation might be a little different in sub-zero conditions. Part of the original … Continue reading

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