Camper Crisis Update (Good News)

Massive sigh of relief: it looks like we’ll be hitting the road tomorrow morning, just five days behind our plan. My conversations with the garage yesterday were positive and they seem to be taking the whole thing very seriously, with a particular awareness that for us the clock is ticking.

Representatives both from their own insurance company and from the manufacturers of the timing belt will view the engine today and each write a report on what they believe caused it – obviously no-one wants to foot the bill – so we’ll have a whole folder full of reports and documentation once this is over.

So far the cause – and hence the responsibility – is still unknown.

The damage to the engine isn’t as bad as it might have been, but valves and several other parts need to be replaced, so they’ll be taking the engine apart completely, replacing a lot of individual pieces, checking everything and putting it back together again. I have respect for mechanics, web design is definitely easier. I’ll also push them for a guarantee for these repairs and will do my best to negotiate on the original cost as compensation for the inconvenience.

Worth a go, eh? 😉

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4 Responses to Camper Crisis Update (Good News)

  1. Paterissimo says:

    Good news:

    BUT mechanics is so much easier than Web design:

    You can see machinery moving.
    It gives you audible feedback when you have a design fault. (crunch)
    You can reverse engineer from the molten mess resulting from a design fault.

    Contrast this with ‘Windows has encountered a fault’ or ‘Error 404’

    Happy Camperissimising

  2. Jae says:

    Soooo, what’s the status? New engine or yours being repaired?

    Do you have an idea of when you will be finally going?

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