7 Days & 4 Hours Later: Hallelujah!

Just now I called the garage for our daily chat and for the first time for a week they had good news. Finally, 172 hours after our engine went “crunch” we’re back in business.

It’s been a very strange week.

Neither of us had ever experienced this sense of perpetual waiting before, and thanks to the garage’s it might be ready tomorrow policy we’ve spent the entire week on the edge of our seats, with a constant feeling that we’re just about to leave.

I imagine this is what it must feel like when people get stuck at an airport waiting for a cancelled holiday flight, with their expected departure time delayed again and again and again.

At 15:00 we’ll be picking up the van and then hitting the road immediately (Salzburg, Villach, Ljubljana, Rijeka). With not knowing when we would be leaving, we hadn’t even unpacked the van, so all we have to do it strap the bikes to the back and drive. Tonight we’ll be staying in Rijeka with Iva’s family, then southwards to Dubrovnik and beyond.

Oh, and thanks to everyone for making such big efforts to cheer us over over the last week, it made a massive difference.

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