Frenchland, Here We Come!

For two months we’ve been counting the days like kids waiting for Christmas and at last today’s the day. At 21:00 – when Iva’s finished teaching her last class of the semester we’ll be hitting the road France-bound in the general direction of Orléans.

We spent yesterday evening and this morning packing the van and emptying our apartment, which we’re subletting while we’re away. Experience paid off in both respects: we packed less, but more quickly and (hopefully) more wisely than in the past.

Tonight we’re planning to drive to the German border and sleep roadside somewhere in the vicinity of Karlsruhe, then tomorrow morning we’ll carry on west to Orléans. In total it’s a 9,5 hour drive to what will be our first overnight stop in France. Woohoo!

Frenchland, Here We Come!

Frenchland, Here We Come!

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