Sofia, Bulgaria – 27/7/2010

We slept so well that we only woke up after 10 a.m. so I had to whip myself for missing the early morning service at six. We went inside to Monastery to take a look around before leaving, but this time it was crowded with tourists and there was really no reason for us to hang around for much longer.

Our next stop was Sofia. Before we took off, we met a German family (parents with two kids) who were backpacking through Bulgaria. We gave them a lift to a village at the bottom of the mountain and drove a little bit further. After a few minutes we found a place to park next to the road – we had brunch there and took showers outside.

Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, Sofia

Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, Sofia

We parked in a residential part of the town and rode our bikes to the centre. We rode around for a while, had a coffee at the Central market and visited a few churches. There was also a photography exhibit in a park. All in all, Sofia felt like an interesting and lively town, with lots to discover. Still, we were feeling a little bit exhausted with travelling at this point and knowing we’ll be back home soon made me feel impatient so I wasn’t really as concentrated on what was going on around me as I was at the start of our trip. After a few beers and rakijas we returned to the van with a plan to start heading back the next day.

p.s. Our camera battery died so the image was taken from

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