12 Volt Sockets – Rear and Front

It’s those twelve magical volts that make the world go round. Since we rarely stop at campsites with mains electricity, 12v is all we have to power everything once we’re on the road.

Some of the first purchases we made were essential 12v stuff like phone and laptop chargers and a GPS, and of course quite a few of the original fittings inside the van run off the batteries as well: the fridge (but only when we’re moving), the lights inside the van and the radio.

I also looked into several other items, but ended up not bothering for various reasons:

  • Mains converter – because we’d probably run the battery flat in two days
  • 12v water heater – because there’s no point, it would take forever
  • 12v kettle – same as with the water heater, gas is much better for this

What I did do is install extra sockets in the front and the back of the van, so we can charge two things at once. In the process I managed to fry one USB charger and at least 6 fuses, but it works now and mildly useful.





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