Camperissimo Trip 2010 – Introduction

Ungererstraße, München - 3.7.2010.

Our first road trip lasted 26 days. We travelled through 8 different countries and stopped in 32 different towns and villages.

We hung out with 15 different people we met on the way. We tried out new food and beers, bought lots of necessary (and unnecessary) things for the van, slept great in some places, couldn’t sleep at all in the others…

Some of the places impressed us, some of the local customs surprised us, some events scared us (or me :-)), but all of it definitely inspired us – and we can’t wait to do it again!

I kept a diary every day of our trip, writing down all the big and small things that happened. Everything you read about this trip is copied directly from my notebook. That means, most of it is true. 🙂

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