Putting Down Carpet

One of the very first – and most significant – changes we made to the van was laying carpet. All it took was four hours, one roll of carpet, a tube of glue and a very sharp knife and the van was completely transformed.

The original flooring was awful: hard, shiny linoleum with a fake-wood print. It was also fairly worn in places, but the main problem was the feeling it gave to being inside the van. It wasn’t at all cosy, in fact it was the very antithesis of cosiness and you definitely wouldn’t want to walk around on it in bare feet. Yuk.

At the time it felt like a somewhat strange thing to be doing, laying carpet in a car, but it was a very, very good decision. The weapons-grade carpet glue holds it down perfectly, even when we’ve used the van to transport objects so heavy that we had to drag them in and out, and you really can’t see that it was the work of an enthusiast and not that of HYMER himself, the majestic god of camper vans.


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