Ostrava, Czech Republic – 5/7/2010

We slept really well in Brno. After eggs with black olives for breakfast, I had to quickly find a toilet, which proved tricky as everything was shut. Finally I noticed someone in a bar that wasn’t open yet and was very thankful when they let me in. Jay noticed that he lost his sunglasses last night and that his new sandals from Lidl make farting noises when he walks.

Ostrava - part of the main square

Entering Ostrava we saw a road leading to a pile of coal and a group of gypsies shouting at policemen on the rail tracks close by. The town centre was completely empty – probably because it was Czech national holiday (one of them). Ostrava really isn’t a beautiful town, I am glad we decided not to sleep there. It was cloudy and everything looked sad. We sat down on the terrace of “€uroclub Casino” where they only serve espresso (no capuccino) but have free wireless internet. I checked my Email and Facebook for the first time in three days and was quite disappointed to find out nothing important had happened.

14.35 – a restaurant in Stodolni Street (a street a little bit outside the centre with lots of bars on it) –
Iva: Apfelschorle, please.
waitress: Fresh orange?
Iva: Yes.

The waitress brought us “a little present” – four pieces of toasted bread and two balls of animal fat. Fresh orange juice was LOVELY.

In the afternoon we drove towards the Polish border through the storm and heavy rain. At some point it started raining inside the van (more about that here). Since inside wipers don’t exist (yet), Jay successfully fixed the window with some masking tape. The plan was to find a nice place to sleep, somewhere in the country side because we were getting a little bit tired of towns. We found a wonderful stop next to a lake and paid about €5 to sleep next to a beach bar.

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